The Bboy Federation is committed to providing a variety of quality, Hip Hop based programs to the community. Our programs combine art and movement with context and education about Hip Hop Culture. Programming is delivered through four core initiatives. Each area has a specific focus and goal but all are designed to deliver the best experience possible to participants. Follow the links below to learn more about each core and how you can participate.

The HERC is a full time facility dedicated to Hip Hop arts. Created to provide high quality Hip Hop arts education to adults and youth in Salt Lake County.  The HERC hosts a variety of dance, DJ and art classes, as well as weekly open practices.  Visit the HERC website to learn more and see the class schedule.

They Reminisce is a stage production created and produced by The BBoy Federation.  The all local cast takes you on a journey through Hip Hop’s history & culture.  Join them as they experience the success and exploitation of the 80’s and the underground resurgence of the 90’s. Experience Hip Hop’s golden era through the dancing, music, fashion and history that defined each decade.

The Bboy Federation partners with several community organizations and municipalities.  Through these partnerships we provide after school programming to under served youth in Salt Lake County.  Additionally, The Bboy Federation provides Hip Hop based classes, workshops, and assembly programming through out the community.  Click below to learn more about these programs and partnerships

Through out the year The Bboy Federation produces several events.  Most notably are battles, workshops, social events and the 1520 weekend.  Battle and workshops take place through out the year and offer the local community regular competitions and social events.  The 1520 weekend combines workshops by some of Hip Hop’s most iconic figures and a local art show.  The focus of the weekend is to promote Hip Hop education and growth.

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