The Bboy Federation is a non-profit organization that showcases Hip Hop arts as a viable path to success through practice, performance and education.

We strive to promote street style dance as a respected and legitimate art form.

T he focus of the BBOY FEDERATION is to help grow the Hip Hop community in Utah while providing local youth with an opportunity to develop their skills. This is done through competitions, workshops, performances and education. The ultimate goal is to provide members of our community with a chance to learn, work and travel while exposing the local Hip Hop scene to people from all over the country. By providing a forum to unite Hip Hop artists and their families in passion for their art, participants in the Bboy Federation are inspired to succeed not only on the dance floor, but in life itself.

2017 Programs, Events & Goals

2016 will be a landmark year for The FED, at least we hope it will be.  Our goals in 2016 are to grow our infrastructure and expand programming.  This means you can expext to see a larger staff, additional locations and more resources.  All of these combined will allow us to better serve Slat Lake’s growing Hip Hop community and provide a quality experience for everyone involved.  We are particularly excited about expanding our programming to reach even more people. Starting at the end of February we will begin our 2nd semester teaching an Urban & Street Dance Forms class for BYU.  Students will learn the basics of Bboying, Popping, House and New Jack during the 5 weeks in which we teach.  This class also requires students to learn the history of Hip Hop and the context of the culture, not just the dances.  We are excited about the opportunity to teach at the University level and look forward to growing this program.  Read more about this class HERE In late 2015 The FED was awarded a contract by South Salt Lake to teach at 7 of its after school sites.  As part of the Promise Network, we visit each site twice a week to teach Bboying, DJ’ing, Graff, MC’ing and other Hip Hop related skills.  These after school programs have allowed The FED to hire its first part time and full time employees.  The success of this program has also allowed us to open a second office that serves the community of South Salt Lake.  As we learn and grow alongside our students, The FED will help the youth of South Salt Lake develop their passion for Hip Hop. 2016 will also bring growth for The FED’s production of They Reminisce.  Our stage production will be getting an entirely new story for 2016 and we will also be bringing the show to Provo for the first time ever.  They Reminisce is a story full of entertainment and education.  This show is produced entirely with local talent and showcase the best that our community has to offer. We would like to see a future where Urban dancers receive steady, paying work.  We would like to see a future where kids can learn and progress in a safe and supportive environment.


J ames “Pyro” Karren and Joshua “Text” Perkins began throwing events in 2008.  From 2006-2008 the bboy scene in Utah had seen a sharp decline.  Many of the older dancers were perusing other life goals and there was a lack of young talent to take their place.  The Bboy Federation initially started as a series of events called the X-Series.  Pyro and Text used this event to set up exhibitions for younger as well as season dancers.  This was done with the hope of putting a little more energy and drive into the scene.  It worked and it worked very well.  As of 2014 we are on the 9th version of the event. By 2009 Pyro & Text decided that the scene was ready for a little more.  They had been approached to do a league style competition by an out of state organization.  The deal for that league ultimately fell through, but the idea had already been put it motion.  The two decided to trim the fat from the league and restructure it so that it benefited the scene in terms of good events for dances and something that is cost effective for a young scene.  2009 marked the first year of the league and brought with it the name The Bboy Federation.

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