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After its inception in the 1970’s, Hip Hop culture exploded into mainstream culture during the 1980’s. Movies, music and fashion all begin to take notice of the new street culture from the Bronx. However, by the 90’s the media had largely abandoned Hip Hop, with the exception of its music. This left the culture split. Parts of it stayed mainstream while others went underground. This left Hip Hop culture divided and unsure about which direction it would take.

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T hey Reminisce brings together some of Utah’s most talented Choreographers & Dancers.  We took our choreographers and presented them with a question.  If you could choose your top dancers for a piece, what could you create?  The goal was to give them the tools they needed to produce choreo with no compromises.  We believed that by providing the best talent possible that our choreographers would create incredible and unique content.

AUG 31

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center Jeanne Wagner Theater 138 West 300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Cypher | 6:00 pm Doors | 7:00 pm



Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center Jeanne Wagner Theater 138 West 300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84101 Cypher | 3:00 pm Doors | 4:00 pm Cypher | 6:00 pm Doors | 7:00 pm


 Salt City Rockers

They Reminisce is the story of one crews journey through 20 years of Hip Hop. Meet the Salt City Rockers, SLC’s homegrown crew of bboys, house dancers and poppers. We begin our story in the early 80’s, SCR has become an unstoppable force in the neighborhood and they can sense that their big break is right around the corner. Join them as they experience the success and exploitation of the 80’s and the underground resurgence of the 90’s. Experience Hip Hop’s golden era through the dancing, music, fashion and history that defined each decade.


Open Cyphers before each show

Come enjoy some music and dancing before doors open

The 80’s | The Culture

The 80’s marked Hip Hop’s coming out party to the world. Fueled by the work of Afrika Bambaataa and The Universal Zulu Nation, Hip Hop had now solidified as a culture represented by four main elements. The world was beginning to take notice of the DJ’s, BBoys, Emcee’s and Graffiti writers that were coming out of New York’s boroughs. Hip Hop’s music and dance begins its explosion into main stream culture.


The Journey Continues

Come see us July 7-8!

 The 90’s | The Resurgence

By the 1990’s Hip Hop had begun to divide. Rap was fast becoming one of music’s most dominant genres, but the other elements found themselves left behind. Faced with this division, many of Hip Hop’s elements returned to their underground roots. Hip Hop arts continued to grow and evolve, leading to a resurgence that help make Hip Hop one of the most dominate subcultures in the world today.


enjoy some free mixes!
DJ Skratchmo - The 90's
DJ Skratchmo - The 90's

DJ Sktrachmo’s perfect 90’s playlist. Some tracks to head nod to, and some tracks to just chill too. Skratchomo provides a little bit of everything in this mix. Download and enjoy

DJ Nosy-T - The Modern Era
DJ Nosy-T - The Modern Era

DJ Nosy-T’s Modern playlist. Nosy’s favorites jams from the past decade. There’s more music now than ever to enjoy and Nosy loves it all. Download, Vibe out and hit the Lab! Training Time!

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