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The Bboy Federation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that showcases Urban Dance as a viable path to success through practice, performance and education.

We strive to promote street style dance as a respected and legitimate art form. The focus of the BBOY FEDERATION is to help grow the dance scene in Utah and provide local dancers with an opportunity to develop their skills. This is done through competitions, clinics, and exhibitions involving both local and out-of-state dancers. The ultimate goal is to provide dancers with a chance to travel and to expose the local scene to bboys from all over the country. By providing a forum to unite dancers and their families in passion for their art, participants in the Bboy Federation are inspired to succeed not only on the dance floor, but in life itself.

Where Does Your Donation Go?

Now in its fifth year, The Bboy Federation is expanding it’s reach with programming for kids in the scene.  Your donation allows us to continue to provide programming and events to the scene.

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- Develop Scholarship & Intern programs

- Keep Open Practices FREE

- Keep event & workshop costs down

- Continue to provide classes & performance opportunities

- Continue to grow & develop