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The Bboy Federation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that showcases Urban Dance as a viable path to success through practice, performance and education.

W e strive to promote street style dance as a respected and legitimate art form. The focus of the BBOY FEDERATION is to help grow the Hip Hop community in Utah while providing local youth with an opportunity to develop their skills. This is done through competitions, workshops, performances and education. The ultimate goal is to provide members of our community with a chance to learn, work and travel while exposing our local Hip Hop scene to people from all over the country. By providing a forum to unite Hip Hop artists and their families in passion for their art, participants in the Bboy Federation are inspired to succeed not only on the dance floor, but in life itself.

Where Does Your Donation Go?

Now in our eighth year, The FED’s 2018 goal is to grow!  Your donation will help us to continue to and programming to THE HERC.  Community outreach is a huge part of what The FED does.  Your donation will help bring Hip Hop programs on even more schools and after school programs.  For 2018 The FED will seek to develop more art and mural based programs for Utah.  We love are state and want to cover it with art, but we’ll need your help.  Finally, your donations will help support our current programs, programs like THEY REMINISCE.

Help Us:

– Continue to grow HERC programming

– Grow community outreach

– Develop Scholarship & Intern programs

– Develop art and mural programs for South Salt Lake

– Continue to grow & develop

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