Thank you 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! was an exciting year for the Fed and there were some major changes to our mission.  We have come very far in the short time we’ve been an [...]

Hip Hop on a Corner

[doptg id=”2″] ast week, we learned about how records came to be and who created the mixer and why it was created. This week, I would like to explore the [...]

Two Turntables and a Gramophone

[doptg id=”1″] his blog will be the first of three such writings discussing the history of Music Technology in Hip Hop. Using the three eras in They [...]

SLC Comic Con | FanX 2014

This blog is my recap of the Fed’s experience at the 2014 spring Comic Con. We had a booth there all 3 days and an evening performance each night. 2 of our kids, Ben and [...]

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