The Bboy Federation hosts three types of events throughout the year.  Each event is designed to bring something new and exciting to the table.  Giving the dancers the most experience possible while keeping the events fresh and relevant.


The is our primary event. This league style competition runs for 5 months at the beginning of each year.  Winners receive plan tickets to a battle of their choosing within the USA.  This league is designed to prepare dancers to travel all over the country.  The pace is intense and dancers must adapt quickly if they are to do well during the league.



X Series (Exhibition Series) is an event built around exhibition battles. Dancers are matched up against people in 5 round battles. These battles take place because we feel the match-up is good or because the dancers want to battle each other. Battles are not judged. The goal is for dancers to build respect and recognition with the scene.



The Bboy Federation has begun throwing All Styles competitions.  This means any style of dance can compete and the dancers are judged on how versatile they can be. The DJ will play different genres of music and dancers must dance to that style, while at the same time being creative and original.  This event is meant to encourage dancers to expand and learn from other dance styles.

For footage from past events please visit our media page.