BBoy Federation Classes

Who’s Teaching Bboy Classes?

he Bboy Federation dancers teach bboy classes!  Kids or Adults.  Beginner or Advanced.  There is a class to accommodate you.  Our dancers teach in a variety of locations so click the icon to email or call to find out locations and times of classes.  Having trouble?  Feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to help

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  • Ali Acuna
    Ali AcunaBBoy Teacher

    Francisco “Ali” Acuna has been dancing professionally for over 10 years.  A member of the Knucklehead Zoo (NV), Ali has traveled and competed with the best dancers in the world.  Ali teaches in
    Salt Lake City

  • Chris Valdez
    Chris ValdezBboy & House Teacher

    Chris “Chacho” Valdez is accomplished in both BBoy and House dance disciplines.  A member of Flavanoids and House of Flava, Chacho has developed successful programs for both dance styles.  Chacho teaches in SLC & Sugarhouse

  • Tanner Denney
    Tanner DenneyBBoy Teacher

    Tanner “Tarzan” Denney has been dancing professionally for over 10 years.  A member of the Killa Gorillas (UT) & Dynamic Rockers (NYC), he has traveled the world competing and teaching.  Tanner teaches in Utah County.

  • Tristan Thomas
    Tristan ThomasBBoy Teacher

    Tristan “Killa Bee” Thomas has been dancing and performing in UT for almost 9 years.   A member of the Flavanoids crew, Tristan has appeared in several films and commercials.  Tristan teaches in the Layton area.

  • Bobby Kuhn
    Bobby KuhnBboy Teacher

    Bobby “Kixx” Kuhn has been teaching for over 8 years in UT and is a member of  the Blow Up Kings crew. He is the Co-Director of Underground also the owner of Element Dancer Center.  Bobby Teaches in the Salt Lake Valley.

  • Terry Post
    Terry PostBBoy Teacher

    Terry “Bboy Bangkok” Post has been dancing in Utah for over 15 years.  He is one of the founding members of the Ground Hounds crew and produces his own event, BBoy Melee.  Terry teaches in West Jordan

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