DJ SOULRANE is a Chicago born, now Vegas native DJ.  Him and BZB have been two of my favorite DJ’s for a long time we’re happy to finally have him out to Utah.   We’ve met our All Styles judges and now’s a good time to meet our DJ.

The DJ is the single most important element to a successful event and we look forward to having Soulrane kill it this weekend.  Soulrane  has been bboying for 20 years and DJ’ing for 19, so he knows what he’s doing.  He is one of the few DJ’s who can spin an All Styles event and a bboy event in the same day and do it correctly. I’m not going to waste a lot of time on words since he’s not here to talk.  Below is a little bio as well as some music off his Soundcloud.  Listen, enjoy and get ready for ALL OUT 2012.

[blockquote]Started DJing in 97(officially), before the Serato era. My musical background reaches far beyond JUST hip hop. I do this because there aren’t too many that do it right. If you don’t own ANY records aside from your two Serato control joints, then you aren’t really a DJ to me. I bite my tongue for no one. It’s for the BBOYS/BGIRLS, to the HOUSE DANCERS, to the HEAD NODDERS and everyone in-between. Peace. -Soul[/blockquote]


Get more music from SOULRANE on our music page>>

Co-Founder of The BBoy Federation
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  • tommy

    He is dope. He recently came out for All Styles jam in Colorado and spun some dope beats! Would love to see him more!

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