Battle 2 and Clothing Drive Recap


Just in case you were not able to make it out this past weekend to the 2nd round of the Bboy Federation League season 3, here is a quick recap of some things you missed.

Even with the late start due to some scheduling complications, all the dancers showed up ready to battle. Shortly after doors opened the room was filled with spectators ready to cheer for their favorite Fed crew, and dancers ready to dance. The Federation crew battles were hype and very intense. You could tell a lot of crews were prepared and had their routines down. It’ll be exciting to see which crews made it past this first cut… aahh the anticipation. I must say though,  good job to all the crews who entered, showed guts just to sign up and give it their all.

After the crew battles there were the 1 on 1’s , which 66 dancers signed up for! It has been fun watching the scene grow, and individuals hungry to battle. There are some of us who were just talking about how it used to be hard to get 16 entries, and how exciting it was if 66 people showed up to the actual event. The scene has grown over the last past 4 years, and I am personally very thrilled to be a part of it. Big props to all the dancers who signed up because they love to dance, props to the TOP 16 individuals who stood out to the judges and lastly props to Dennis the Menace who gave Chacho a run for his money in the final battle.

Outside of the main circle there were a lot of cyphers, and tons of energy. It was hard to walk around and not run into dancers warming up or getting down to the music. DJ Munk held it down on the 1’s and 2’s the whole night! Which just makes you want to dance at all times. Big props to DJ Munk, I personally enjoyed all the music and was impressed for the 4 straight hours of spinning music for the dancers.

Aside from the battles and cyphering and music, the Bboy Federation held its 2nd annual CLOTHING DRIVE. Which I must say had a great turn out. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and supported by bringing bags filled with clothes. There were so many bags it over flowed the 4 huge boxes set out for the drive. It was exciting partnering with the Neighborhood House, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Over all, there was never a dull moment throughout the night. If you were unable to attend this event (very sad I know) we will be posting the footage up this week, as well as the results to the first cut in the Crew Battles. So stay on the lookout for the results, I know I’m excited to find out who moves on past the first cut.

Next battle will be March 3rd, so mark it in your calendars, put in your time off request, get your babysitters, and do what you need to do to make sure you don’t miss out. Also special guest judge Bboy Thesis will be in town for the March 3rd event. As well as teaching a workshop the night before (March 2nd) make sure to follow the Bboy Federation on facebook, or keep up-to-date on the blog for details on his Workshop. And if you don’t know who Bboy Thesis is, I highly suggest looking him up on YouTube.

BBoy Thesis 2010-2011 Highlights

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  • brian

    Great turn out, it was really nice to see how the scene has grown…again- 66 people signing up for the one on ones… never before in the scene of Utah has this come close. Cyphers and all- this event was definitely fun. Shout out to Josh to bringin the scene in Utah to a new level since the event was established…and to the others that put in work to make it possible.

  • RhabdoGFCM

    Time to get strong bboys and bgirls…….