I know you got “SOLE”

So now that we have a bit on Hip Hop Fashion History, I thought it appropriate to start out talking about shoes!

Recently I watch the movie “JUST FOR KICKS” this is a documentary about sneakers. The whole movie was fascinating, learning what started this fashion trend.  If you haven’t watched this, it is on netflix and I highly recommend that you take some time to do so.

Every bboy or dancer I know has this obsession with shoes, including myself. There must be something about matching them to your outfit, the feel of them when you’re dancing, or just the fact of what they symbolize; FRESH.

As I touched on in my last post, having new un-scuffed shoes was a sign of money. Since a lot of hip-hop started in the Bronx or in low-income cities having shinny new shoes was very important. One trick some use to do was to buy different color laces and change them out. They even had a technique in how to wash them as make sure they didn’t ruin them. (I learned about this in JUST FOR KICKS)

Now as a dancer Ive learned that the shoes I wear will wear out quicker. So I have one set of shoes that I dance in and shoes that are only for going out. I asked some dancers in the Utah scene to tell me which shoes are their favorite to dance in and which shoes theyll only wear for style.[divider]


Favorite shoe to dance in? and why?

Puma Suede or Clyde, it is the most comfortable brand I have worn plus it was the shoe that the boys wore back in the day. It ment you had money. If your shoes got stepped on it was over. You would fight for your shoes. They made you look fresh if you planned your outfit out properly. Its like if you had a nice suit on and someone spills a drink all over it. You get a free meal or really angry at the person who spilled on you.

Your favorite shoe to wear, but WILL NOT dance in (so as not to mess them up)?

Many of my newer pumas like my puma states they only made 100 pair and are sold exclusively at…. haha you thought I was going to tell you ha no way!



Favorite shoe to dance in? and why?

My favorite shoe at the moment is the Adidas Gazelle.  It’s durable and no too heavy.  There is enough cushion that my feet don’t hurt and I like the way they look.

Favorite shoe to wear, but WILL NOT dance in (so as not to mess them up)?

I have several pairs of Gazelles I won’t dance in that I like.  I also have a couple pairs of Puma Cabana Racers that I like.  and a pair of Adidas Country’s.  Lol I pretty much will only wear these shoes on nice days with good weather, to work or to go out.

When I ask Bboy Text for pictures of his shoes, he sent me two that actually the same to me.  The first picture he organized by color and then the second picture he REORGANIZED by style. Wasn’t sure which way I would want the pictures to look. Although they have the same shoes, here are both pictures, just to prove how much BBOYs love their shoes and how hey present them.

By Color

By Style


Favorite Shoe to Dance in:

Nike Frees 

Favorite Shoe to Wear:

Nike Dunk-Lows. As a bboy your feet are constantly creating dynamic movements – you need shoes that are so comfortable you don’t know they’re even on.



Recently my good friend Bboy Gage, went to NYC for the battle EVOLUTION. While he was there I asked him to take pictures of some shoes. Knowing that New York is where a lot of Hip Hop originated, I knew that he would find some really neat shoes.

Heres one pair he found that was $8,250.00

And here is a wall of shoes at a Nike store in Times Square.

Everyone has a different opinion on what shoes feel right, and why they like them. The only commonality is the love of shoes.

Now the love of shoes is not just for girls, or dancers or Hip Hop heads. Many people obsess over shoes. I recently watch the movie Without Limits which is about a runner and coach who makes shoes (to very briefly explain). This movie made me want to learn more about where the Nike Brand originated. After looking into all of this ive decided that my next post will be on the history of Nike, Puma and Adidas shoes. So be on the lookout and until then let me know your thoughts on this posting and what your favorite shoes are.

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  • Anthony

    Just For Kicks is such a great film. I love the segment with Run DMC the most.

    Check out the documentary CNBC did on Nike its really good and informative. its called Swoosh: Inside Nike.

    I found it interesting how no one mentioned Vans even though I’ve seen a lot of Bboys rocking Vans in the past. Also I enjoy a nice pair of Chucks, but they usually don’t last long and are pretty unforgiving when you bang your foot on the floor, since its just a piece of fabric.

  • steph

    You did this lady?! You’re one jack of all trades girl! LOVE IT *hugs*

  • Natalie

    Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. What an endless and awesome subject. Nice work Josie. As far as Nike goes, it’s an amazing company. I am working there right now and could talk about their shoes and where it came from for days. As for Adidas, that was my brand. that is my brand growing up, always dedicated, always Adidas. I could talk about Adidas and tell you about Adidas for days! Looking forward to your next project. lookin’ forward to read about it.

  • svchost.exe

    cool story bro

  • Dylan

    This product is not yet available for retail use, but I am pretty sure that when it is, Josh will be getting it and spraying it on all his shoes. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7is6r6zXFDc