The Scene: Thoughts from Mex (the Bboy Spot)

Recently I had the chance to ask Mex (The Bboy Spot) some questions about his thoughts on the scene and what he’d like to see happen over the next few years.

? Has bboying arrived where it needs to be
“Trick question” (haha, well played Mex) “Where does bboying need to be? Some want it to just be unorganized and not become something that many can make it a living, they use the word “raw”. I wont use that word. There are ways of organizing it and keeping it “raw”. Other want it to become a sport. Those people are stupid idiots that need to go do something else with their life. SERIOUSLY.”

Organization is what allows a culture to progress and advance. He’s got a great vision for keeping the scene unified while still keeping things “raw”.

? Where would you like to see bboying progress to
“I want this community to be independent,community owned and operated by community based companies. Many promoters only want to profit from us. The right people have to be running things and the right people are those who will always put the community 1st.”

? What can local bboys do to help the overall scene
“Simple, support events that are good. A problem in our community is too many event. This is hurting the community not helping it. Quality over quantity. Study, learn about the culture and what it is all about. One of our biggest problems is that we have lots of fans taking action and not enough bboys taking action.”

Luckily we’ve got The Fed.

(and because I know there is so much drama concerning the standardized judging system, I just had to ask)
? What are your thoughts on a standardized judging system
“A universal judging system will not work because we are not a “universal community” that works under 1 federation. We have to understand that MANY has different views on what judging is about. We all see this dance different. The way I hire my judges is based on:
#1 Reputation and Community Involvement.
They need to be very active and know what this community is about.
#2 Respect.
Just because you are a dope bboy doesn’t mean you are a respected bboy. Are you a professional? do you take your responsibility seriously?
#3 Track record.
ALL judges judging major events have judge before, if they havent, then they shouldn’t be in that position anyways. Let your body of work decide if you should or shouldn’t judge major events.”

Let us know what you think in the comments.  Do you agree with Mex?



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  • Anthony Ambriz

    I like when people interview Mex he’s all about getting straight to the point and not holding back. So his insights are always refreshing. I’ve had opportunities to speak with him and I always learn something new.

    Organized culture vs Sport. When I think of the word sport I think money or something that’s done just for fun with no meaning behind it. You play sports with friends and its fun, you enter competitions things get wild you feel victorious, and then you hit a professional level and other people make money from you and doing what you love is no longer fun. So hopefully Bboying doesn’t become a sport, but it slowly has become that way. And that can be solved when Bboys run organizations and not fans of the culture like Mex said. Bboying is a culture, but its part of a bigger one. I sometimes feel Bboys need to remember that. I’ve seen more DJs and MCs supporting Bboy comps than Bboys supporting MC events. Graffiti artist are just hard to spot ha ha. But I have seen and know a lot of Bboys who practice other elements of Hip Hop and that’s dope!

    I agree with Mex’s judging system all the way. Having a universal judging system is close to impossible unless a national or international board were to be established but then we come back to the dilemma of Bboying becoming a sport.

  • Kassi

    Call me wind because I am asbolutely blown away.

  • baboon

    mex is a good man i respect him alot baboon

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